Our Group meetings are held in Leyland on the First Monday of every month. These sessions are professionally supported by Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). We usually have a guest speaker for the first hour followed by small table chat and an opportunity to talk with other parents in similar situations.

At our group meetings you will find:

A secure, confidential place to seek advice/support/strategies

Chocolate, biscuits and a brew! 

An opportunity to meet with other parents in similar situations

Parent led but professionally supported by CAMHS

Guest speakers

Training opportunities

Parents who swoop in to support and offer a comforting words when you need them most and a hug!

An opportunity to seek advice without judgement or criticism

Reassurance that all members have signed up to the confidentiality agreement on the evening, so what is said in group, stays in group.

Interactive sessions 

Resources and leaflets on a variety of subjects available to take home

Ideas table, i.e., card, worry jars, Self-Harm boxes, emotion charts

Self-Harm first aid kits

A book library including books for young people to borrow, read and return

Every sensory, squidgy toy imaginable – sometimes we want to avoid eye contact too!

Adult only space

Small table talk and usually with an activity