About us

Meet Sandra Kane

Sandra has over 15 years bookkeeping experience, with ten years bookkeeping at a big 5 accounting firm before founding Kane Bookkeeping 5 years ago. Sandra loves working with creative businesses, florists and ecommerce businesses to help get their systems set up right. It also helps that she's a Xero expert.

We'll meet you at your place

When it's time to catch up about your bookkeeping, we'll come to you, for minimal interruption to your day. Other than our monthly checkin meetings, we'll communicate with you via phone and email and keep the wheels of bookkeeping action turning for you so you can focus on day to day operations.

Awards & accreditations

We can partner with you to help you succeed

We walk alongside our clients to help give them the support they need to grow and boost their business forward. With us you don't need to feel like you're battling it alone in your business — we can help!